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Bespoke Ibiza wedding planner

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Bespoke Ibiza wedding planner
Bespoke Ibiza wedding planner

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Wedding & event planning is an incredibly personal affair. Planning a destination wedding can be time consuming and overwhelming. Choosing an Ibiza wedding planner that matches with you and your vision is of the utmost importance. No details should be overlooked and the vision and goals should be clear. We love to be at your side and design your most memorable day together. Ibiza has been our home for many years and we know all the ins-and-outs. 

Years of experience has taught us what works—and what doesn’t. We serve as the architects of one of the most important nights of your life, developing imaginative concepts and managing the alchemy that brings them to fruition.

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Thoughtful, unique, timeless & personal. Around these pillars we organize weddings in Ibiza & Formentera. Together, we’ll design, plan and bring your vision to life. Impeccably detailed weddings are the result. We touch upon every last nuance. 

You’ll work with us via video conferencing and email from the comfort of your own home. We will be happy to meet you on the island and arrange meetings with vendors. We’ll seamlessly manage all logistics and aesthetic. A one-stop-shop as wedding planners, event designers, and producers.

Our goal is to create a reaction, generate an emotion, and stimulate untapped possibilities. Designing every Ibiza wedding and event with intention.


perfect happiness; great joy.
reach a state of perfect happiness, oblivious of everything else.

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Ibiza wedding questions

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Can I marry in a church in Ibiza?

Yes, If you’re Roman Catholic and looking to get married in one of Ibiza’s Catholic churches. If you aren’t Catholic, hold another faith or no faith at all, then it’s better to get legally married in your home country. At a registry office. We can organise a beautiful blessing which will be even more memorable and personal.

Can we get married legally in Ibiza?

You can legally get married in Ibiza if one of you is a resident for at least 2 years. If you are of Catholic faith and wish to hold a catholic ceremony in one of Ibiza’s churches it is possible. If you are not — we are happy to organize a symbolic blessing. We work with multilingual Ibiza celebrants which can tailor ceremony to your story.

Can we marry as a same sex couple?

Yes! Ibiza is one of the few places that offers full legal rights for same-sex marriage and embraces the LGBTQ community. Spain legalised same-sex marriage in 2005. Its law, which was reaffirmed by the courts in 2012, is one of the most liberal in the world. It not only allows gays and lesbians to marry but, unlike some other countries, gives them the exact same rights as heterosexual partners when it comes to adoption, inheritance, and other family matters. These rights apply if you hold the legal marriage ceremony in Spain. However, even if you marry in your home country and come to Ibiza to celebrate, you can relax in the knowledge that your marriage is acknowledged and supported by both law and custom.

Can you get married on the beach in Ibiza?

You can not simply set up an amazing wedding on the beach in Spain. As you may well be told to move on, the beach is public property. Some of the Ibiza & Formentera beach restaurants offer that option but on special conditions and it must be done with a wedding planner and a venue.

What does an Ibiza wedding cost?

Ibiza wedding costs are depending on the size of your wedding and imagination. We only create unique experiences and limit ourselves up to one wedding per weekend in order to give you the attention you need.  Ibiza weddings are not inexpensive, though. Lower budget weddings start around 25,000 euros, a regular wedding costs around 50-80,000 euros and luxurious weddings have a budget of 150,000 and above.

What's the best time of year to get married in Ibiza?

The best time to get married in Ibiza is between April and November (excluding July and August) when the temperature is good and the sun isn’t necessarily as strong. Ibiza and Formentera receives sun 340 days a year, so you’re almost guaranteed good weather. However, if you are opting for a wedding in Ibiza or Formentera during July and August we can suggest a suitable timeline, venue and accessorises which will comfort everyone even on a very hot day.

Ibiza wedding questions

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We make your wedding and event feel like a vacation!

Bliss Ibiza wedding planner

As Bliss Ibiza wedding planner, we pride ourselves on crafting a wedding weekend that feels like a true getaway for you, your family, and your friends. Whenever travel is involved for a wedding, it’s simultaneously a vacation, and it should feel like one!

We plan fabulous rehearsal dinners, beautiful welcome parties, the best Ibiza weddings, afterparties, and brunches! In addition, we design your holiday activities, such as daily yoga, boat rides, sunset picnics, wine tastings, private chefs, and many other activities which will allow you and your guests to immerse and enjoy.


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